Lets hope for a better one


So, I am not going to say that today went as planned. After yesterdays not so brilliant day I had to engorge myself in chocolate, it’s my comfort food. I really didn’t have that much confidence today when I left to ask for the extra samples.

I got ready as usual and actually cheated a little by adding a little lip gloss today. I wanted an extra confident booster. Today I decided to wear my favorite color to help me feel more at ease with myself so I chose a purple shirt with fitted jeans. I left with my favorite song on replay all the way to the shopping center.

I felt a little bit better about myself when I arrived that I decided, I could do this! First, I approached a girl who was handing out sample chocolates. I gave her my best smile and politely asked if I may try a sample. She smiled back and offered me a piece. (The chocolate was too sweet for my taste, but I put on my best “This is the best chocolate ever face!”) I then asked if I could have another piece to make sure I wanted to buy it and she simply smiled and said ‘one per customer please’ so I moved on.

This went on for a good half hour and I had not managed to get any seconds on the free samples. I was getting even more discouraged. Finally I decided to hit one last store that seemed to be offering free lotion samples. I went up to this lovely girl with her little basket of little lotion packets. She saw me and excitedly started giving me her pitch for ‘x’s’ new lotion and handed me a packet. I saw her little basket that was almost empty and decided to simply ask for another smell. She smiled and immediately handed me a different lotion packet. I was about to hand her the old one back when she said ‘don’t worry about it’ and turned to yell out her promotion.

Her actions were a pleasant surprise. It definitely raised my spirits. Then I went to the line that was forming outside of the restroom for the shopping center (it was maybe 3 people, so not much of a line) and asked if I could go ahead of whoever it was that was infront of the line. She actually let me cut, but I think it was because I wanted to leave and finish this part of the experiment asap and to her I probably looked like I was about to relieve myself in public.

So in all, I am really glad to be home now. I think I am going to take a day before I do the makeup part of this project. I need to regain my confidence.



About justsacked

I need to vent and opening this blog is my first step. I am a young professional and am currently in the process of "changing careers". It wasn't exactly planned to make this change, but it seems like my only alternative.
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One Response to Lets hope for a better one

  1. Wow. You’re like a free spirit! Doing whatever to whoever. I don’t think I cold ever do that, I’d probably not get the same results, just an annoying thirteen year old, trying to get around a cue ;3 These are really interesting stories you have here, I’ve just been stalking your previous posts. You are like an inspiration. S’all cool 8D.

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