Excited to begin :D


I’m really excited for tomorrow. I’ve been pampering myself all weekend and I have finally come to the silky smoothness I desired. I spent Friday exfoliating, scrubbing, hydrating, plucking (which was probably the only part I hated this weekend), and soaking. I found a wonderful site that showed me how to make homemade recipes for a relaxing bath. The site is called Crunchybetty.com . I loved the milk and honey bath that was listed there and the chamomile bath to relax.

I also found the best book for home remedies of any kind called the Woman’s Book of Healing Herbs by Sari Harrrar and Sara Altshul O’donnell. It had the best herbal formulas for beautiful hair and nails. I swear my hair is silky smooth and shiny after I applied a recipe with 1/4 cup of olive, sweet almond oil, and a hint of lavender. This concoction was extremely effective and had me smelling a wonderful garden in my hair. I was so relaxed that I simply kept massaging my head with the oils :D.

I also felt I needed to eat healthy and keep my insides just as beautiful as the outside ;D . I looked up some delicious and inexpensive homemade meals. I found a recipe a really liked from cookinglight.com that only needed 5 ingredients. The 5-ingredient sweet potato, leek, and ham soup was to die for. I needed to cook for myself again. I felt so good simply cooking and working on me that my spirits definitely lifted.

Aside from working on my ‘image’ I also took some time to read about inspirational people like Nick Vujicic who has no limbs and is teaching people how to overcome obstacles and of course I had to read about Helen Keller again. I also had plenty of time to watch some feel good movies to give me some courage. Honestly, this weekend has been long overdue. This might sound cliche, but I feel so light.

I am extremely excited for tomorrow!

Wish me luck ;D



About justsacked

I need to vent and opening this blog is my first step. I am a young professional and am currently in the process of "changing careers". It wasn't exactly planned to make this change, but it seems like my only alternative.
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6 Responses to Excited to begin :D

  1. Sandy Sue says:

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my site and leaving a footprint.
    Wow, you’re facing some serious matters here. My heart reaches for you and I wish you clarity and wisdom in your decision-making.

  2. reakit says:

    Hi! thank you for liking my post! Hope it’ll be okay if i’ll be following your blog! (:(:

  3. Thank you for liking my post!
    I really like this – I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my body these days and will totally check out the website/book you recommended… sound interesting!

    ~ Shaza ~

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