The experiment


I’ve talked extensively with my family and them being divided with my decision has pushed me into taking more of an active role in my ultimate decision to have plastic surgery. I’ve decided that I really want to make sure that physical appearances do matter in giving people a “better life”. I’ve actually decided to do a study of my own. So based on a couple of beauty experiments I’ve seen I am going to test if attractiveness does really matter.

I’ve decided to go three days with my own style, meaning how I usually go about my days, and then I will spend another three days “dolled” up and doing the exact same activities. I want to see the reactions I get from the people I interact with. Will I get more attention when I am dolled up? or will I get the same treatment? I by no means am going to act any differently, but I will try to get away with getting some deals here or there. Depending on these results I will give further thought into surgery.

I know this might seem a little silly, but I feel it necessary. As of now I feel that a change will be very beneficial. I will try my best to carry myself with the same confidence in both states so that it isn’t much of a factor in my study. That means I need to do a lot of ‘pumping up’ for when I go about in my normal state. I need to feel confident then so I am thinking of having a weekend of in home pampering and cleansing. This should be fun!

I will keep you guys posted on my status. Who knows maybe this will provide me with the boast I need.

All the best,




About justsacked

I need to vent and opening this blog is my first step. I am a young professional and am currently in the process of "changing careers". It wasn't exactly planned to make this change, but it seems like my only alternative.
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3 Responses to The experiment

  1. I think that it’s really important to feel good about yourself, and like who you are both outside and in. If that means getting plastic surgery then go for it! I think it might completely change how you feel, you may become more confident, and it could be a really positive thing!

    • justsacked says:

      Thank you for your advice. I am truly starting to feel that surgery might help me feel more confident about myself. Also, thank you for sharing your blog. It is a wonderful read.

  2. Good luck with everything. Let me know if you decide to have surgery ♥

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