I can’t even begin to express how helpful this community has been. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. I’ve received so much love from people who discourage the surgeries, as well as love from those who encourage the surgeries. At this point I am still weighing my options and taking in all the new information that you have provided. If I do decide to go for it I want to make sure that it is something that I definitely want to do and not something that I do because I wanted to do it in that instant.

I need to come clean here though. Honestly, I have always had a secret hate for my nose. The bridge of my nose has been abnormally high and, with taunts in elementary school of parrot nose or big nose, I’ve always had a bad image of myself. Once when I was 10 my mother caught me rubbing my nose with a nail file just to lower my bridge. Eventually she was able to get through to me and make me feel comfortable with who I am. Still now that I have more time to truly contemplate my situation I am starting to feel the need for a drastic change.  I guess I need to regain that confidence I lost.

Through my blogging I have also found out about the lives of others. When some of my family members read my posts they immediately wanted to help and to my surprise I apparently know many friends and family members that have had surgery. Some had surgery simply for aesthetic reasons and others were forced into the situation due to health reasons. One of my closest friend revealed that she had had eye lid surgery. In her culture the double eye lid is considered a beautiful trait to have so she did it to have a better chance at finding love. She hasn’t found that love, but she does have more confidence in her appearance. Another acquaintance had a nose job because she hated her “Jewish nose” and said it changed her life for the better. She found a loving and caring boyfriend and is currently up for a promotion. Now I don’t necessarily think her surgery is responsible for her success because she confided that only a hand full of people knew. I don’t know if I can handle that kind of secrecy, but again the benefits do seem tempting.

Then there are my family members that have their own flaws and chose not to change their appearance because they were able to get beyond their body image. They were also very supportive and reminded me that I can progress and do wonderful things without surgery. So for now I am making a pros and cons list. As for all of you reading this thank you for your understanding and advice.

All the best,



About justsacked

I need to vent and opening this blog is my first step. I am a young professional and am currently in the process of "changing careers". It wasn't exactly planned to make this change, but it seems like my only alternative.
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