Plastic surgery can be my answer!!


After a couple of nights feeling sorry for myself and getting rejected from more job applications I started to truly consider my hideousness. My self-esteem hit the ultimate low. I basically had a serious melt down that included me weeping on my living room floor in the middle of the night. I couldn’t control my crying and simply started to pray. I prayed so fervently that I couldn’t quite keep my prayers straight, but I kept asking God or someone for an answer. I cried until I finally fell asleep.

I know this might sound over dramatic, but after being unemployed for such a long time and getting very little positive feed back I feel like there is very little room for me to progress. I finally told my family and friends how I was feeling and I got the usual “Don’t worry, it will work” or the “Why are you so depressed, don’t you know there are people who are way worse than you are?!”, and then one of my dearest friend mentioned a new study she saw on She noted how the article pointed out to a beautiful ratio. That it is proven that people prefer to see people who are symmetrical and have a 46% ratio of Face to eye separation. That means that there is an actual number assigned to a beautiful face. Needless to say I felt worse and she jokingly remarked “At this rate you probably want to get plastic surgery!” and laughed ahead of me, but it hit me. I’m depressed by the lack of jobs and the overemphasis on looks. I’ve always hated my nose and chin. I have some free time between job applications, so why not get some worked done on my face!

It was an off-hand comment, but it stayed with me the whole day. If looks are that important in the job market then this can only be categorized as an investment on myself. I have the training and I do have some money saved. I know I need to pay off my bills, but if by doing this plastic surgery I am able to land a job I will be able to pay back these bills. I know this isn’t a decision I should jump into so quickly so I will do some research and talk to people. If anyone knows any plastic surgeons or just someone who has had surgery please let me know. I would love any input.


All the best,



About justsacked

I need to vent and opening this blog is my first step. I am a young professional and am currently in the process of "changing careers". It wasn't exactly planned to make this change, but it seems like my only alternative.
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9 Responses to Plastic surgery can be my answer!!

  1. Jane Thorne says:

    Dear K I know I am going to sound like a Mother here, but my immediate thought on reading your post was this…maybe this isn’t the answer Sweetheart..I have my wincing moments in the mirror, we all do, but this doesn’t feel right for you. It’s like you are changing yourself to fit someone else’s expections and blow that for a game of soldiers. No-one has the right to dictate how you look or to make you feel any less than you are. What sort of jobs are you looking for, what do you actually want to do and where are you geographically? Jane x

  2. mactoffee says:

    Dear fellow blogger , I too had a wonderfull job but have been not able to get any and work part time , this is because I moved countries …but as usual I get the same consolation from everyone …it’s the recession , don’t worry etc etc , but believe me it’s not you , keep trying , things will work out , there is light at the end of the tunnel they say ,pray , eat healthy , exercise , use your free time to read ,blog or catch up on a zillion things you couldn’t otherwise, and one thing I want to say , I know I cannot stop you but PLEASE looks matter but not so much …. when you feeling low ,everything hurts … you have to accept yourself for what you are , GOD is the creator so can any of his cretaions be ugly ?? Stay Strong , let the sunshine into your life, save that money you would use on say a nose job for a really rainy day …. LOVE LIFE LOVE YOURSELF ….

  3. I say if you genuinely feel that it is affecting your confidence and holding you back – like it did me then go for it… It needs to be done for the right reasons. It shouldn’t be a rushed decision and you should be able to afford it too!

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  5. This was really touching. Indeed, it made me want to send you a hug… That being said, I want to encourage you with this: If you feel that you want to improve your looks with plastic surgery, that is certainly an option and something worth considering, but DON’T make the mistake of “thinking” that your look is the reason you’re not landing a job. This nation is in serious turmoil. About 70% of my friends right now have lost their jobs–to include myself. I was a copywriter/editor for a prestigious, high-end magazine that bellied-up nearly 3 years ago. Voila, I now work as a freelance journalist. The publishing world has been so hard-hit. I would hate to think you incur that kind of debt just because you’re “hoping” to land a job. Self-love and self-acceptance is paramount in this life. If a part of loving yourself includes surgery, that of course is your choice, but don’t make surgery about finding a job. Our nation has not been this compromised since the Great Depression. That is FACT. Wishing you everything GOOD. Hang in there…

  6. artinheels says:

    Dear K, looks sort of matter, but what really matters is the glow. Any person, even a conventionally unattractive one, who is happy, open and pleasant does attract people. It’s the glow that comes from the inside. If plastic surgery can help you change your own perception of yourself, make you start feeling more self confident, like yourself, be in harmony with yourself, I think you should do it. Only do give it more thought and make sure you won’t miss your (peculiar) nose and chin. Maybe they’re exactly what could make you glow… Hugs

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