I think more is needed…


Okay, since my last post I started wondering if my suspicions had any validity. Are people (outside of the entertainment industry) hired on their looks? I started to do a little research and, to my utter disappointment, found many articles that show that looks matter in everything!

An article from Dateline NBC talked about the advantages that people have if they are considered beautiful. They did experiments that demonstrated the preferential treatment ‘models’ got over their average counter parts. After reading this the researcher in me just went at it. I found tons of articles that all state pretty faces do get treated better in every aspect of life that requires human interaction. In cases where people interacted with machines the results were the same, but once people were placed in front of each other appearances took control.

I found that beauty not only affects the hiring process, but beauty affects how much people are paid. Even for the same duties an aesthetically pleasing person will get more money! I guess I was too naive because after my research I called my co-workers from my first job in which my pay was slowly reduced and found that the female who was hired for my position is considered very beautiful, but again required a lot more training and was still hired at my starting salary. Thankfully she wasn’t a slacker and is doing a good job.

Still I can’t help feeling abused, hurt, and betrayed. Now my confidence is extremely low. If beauty is that much of an asset then how much more am I losing out on because of my appearance?


About justsacked

I need to vent and opening this blog is my first step. I am a young professional and am currently in the process of "changing careers". It wasn't exactly planned to make this change, but it seems like my only alternative.
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One Response to I think more is needed…

  1. I was in a theatre company for seven years, not based so much on my looks as on my confidence and demeanour. I think belief in oneself is the convincing element which sets one apart from the others, regardless of looks.

    Thank you for your recent visit to my site.
    I wish you all the best as you make your way to your goals.

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